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The British Kendo Renmei (Eikoku Kendo Renmei in Japanese) was founded in 1973 with the object of providing an alternative choice for Budo (Kendo) students who were more interested in practising and developing their understanding of the traditional arts and ways of the Japanese martial culture than those sword-Budo systems that interpret and present Kendo mainly in terms of competitive sport

The British Kendo Renmei has Dojo in Lewes, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells and London Vauxhall

Iaido and Kendo Dojo. David Ansel, 7th-nana Dan, Kyoshi

David is Chief instructor of Shin Sei Dojo, teaching Muso Shinden Ryu, ZNKR Seitei Iaido. David knows as well Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu and other form of Iai.

In Kendo, his son, Alex is the head instructor

Iaido and Iaijutsu Dojo. Mike Selvey, 6th-roku Dan, Kyoshi

Mike is Chief instructor of Tsunami and Yamabusi Yodokan, teaching Tenshin Ryu Iaido and Tenshin Ryu Iaijutsu

Judo and Iaido Dojo. Bruce Scrivens, 6th-Rokudan-Renshi Iaido, DNBK. 5th-Godan- Renshi Judo, DNBK. Bruce is Chief Instructor of Judo an Iaido and Judo , teaching Muso Shinden Ryu (judo link:Seishin Judo Dojo)

Website of the Iaido Association of Ireland and the Kenseikai Ireland Doj

Iaido currently practised, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu and Seitei Gata (Masamume Ireland Dojo)

Nick Johnston, instructor at Kenseikai Ireland Dojo is a former student of Kenseikai East London

Suppliers of Quality Japanese Budo Equipment; Swords, Bogu, Clothing and Accessories

Run by Martial Artists for Martial Artists

Suppliers of Quality Japanese Budo Equipment; Swords, Bogu, Clothing and Accessories

Run by Martial Artists for Martial Artists

Eurokendo is a newly established kendo supplier based in Europe. To meets your needs offers you only the best quality kendo equipment at reasonable prices. Our staffs are all experienced and enthusiastic kendogas who understand the needs of budo practitioners.

Two Moons Tsuka Restorations restores, repairs and wraps tsuka (sword handle) from antique tsuka to modern nihonto, iaito and shin-ken used for iaido  and other martial  arts
We offer a tight and durable wrap for  your katana, wakizashi or tanto tsuka done in the traditional way

Black Ronin Martial Arts Supplies (Black-Ronin MAS) has been serving the needs of UK Martial Arts Enthusiasts since 2005. Regardless of the martial arts style or system you are interested in, Black-Ronin Martial Arts Supplies can provide you with the martial arts equipment you want and need.