Welcome to Kenseikai East London

Kenseikai East London Dojo is a member of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai International Division UK Shibu. We primarily concentrate on teaching the arts of Iaido, Kendo and Jodo. However, amongst our teachers we have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to various other sword and staff arts. We welcome complete beginners and martial artists of any standard. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be pleased to answer any of your questions.

We train following the spirit and ethic of our late sensei, Okimitsu Fujii Hanshi

Kenseikai East London was founded in 1979 by Hanshi Fujii, who contributed greatly to Kendo and Iaido in the UK. In the early days of the British Kendo Association, he trained and coached the British National Team who participated in the 1st AJKF World Kendo Championships, and several years later the 1st European Kendo Championships where they won all six gold medals. Hanshi Fujii continued to teach and practise Kendo and Iaido throughout the UK, and founded several dojo which he named after the original Kenseikai Dojo in Saga.

Hanshi Fujii will be remembered with sincere respect, and fond memories as a very modest, diligent teacher with a kind nature.

Okimitsu Fujii

Iaido; the way of mental presence and immediate reaction

We practice Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu which translates as "peerless, directly transmitted, style of Eishin". Eishin-ryu claims an unbroken history of around 450 years, making it one of the oldest existant martial art forms in Japan. Our style traces back to the original Kenseikai Dojo, which has a lineage from Yamamoto Harusuke Hanshi (9th dan), who was a direct student of the founder of Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu, Ōe Masamichi Sōke.

Kendo; the martial art of Japanese fencing and swordsmanship

Kendo was developed from traditional Japanese sword techniques known as Kenjutsu, and embodies the essence of Japanese fighting arts. The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application and principles of the katana.


Jodo is strongly focused upon combat against the katana

Jodo incorporates a vast set of kata comprising movements to counter attacks and deliver strikes to an opponent wielding a sword. The length of the jo (fixed at 127.5cm) was devised to allow for greater manouverability, and is capable of sufficent striking force to break a sword. Techniques from these kata have been implemented for application within law-enforcement, and are taught within the Japanese Police under the term Keijojutsu.

Your first class is free of charge

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The Langley Hall
St Nicholas Church
2 Ettrick Street
Aberfeldy Village
E14 0PU


Thursday Evenings (Adults only)
Kendo (Temporarily Closed)
Jodo, 20:00-21:30
Iaido, 20:45-22:00


£7 per class (Pay as you train)
£25 per month for a single martial art
£40 per month for Iaido + Kendo
£10 per annum for insurance cover

07977 560 849 (Iaido, Kendo)
01753 817 898 (Jodo)


France Empeigne

Dojo Leader

Iaido Instructor


Iaido, Godan Renshi

Jodo, Shodan


Sarino D'oro

Dojo Treasurer

Iaido & Kendo Instructor


Iaido, Sandan

Kendo, Nidan


Sam Winder

Jodo Instructor


Kobudo, Godan

Jodo, Yondan


Prof. John Wilson 'Bilal'

Iaido & Kendo Instructor


Iaido, Yondan

Kendo, Sandan